Oriana Su Carta


Being eco-friendly is one of Levi’s core values, but they fail to showcase it to people who aren’t already super fans of the brand.
What type of campaign could make a statement big enough to be memorable for consumers who already aware and skeptical of all greenwashing tactics?


The brand itself acknowledges that fashion is one of Earth’s main polluters. In a world where people are struggling to choose between being fashionable and being sustainable, do we really need everything that we buy?

To make a visible change in the fashion industry Levi’s decides to create a collection without clothes: introducing Invisible by Levi’s.
For 48 hours, people won’t be able to buy anything on the Levi’s website: all Levi’s clothes are now invisible, except for the limited edition Invisible by Levi’s patch.
The campaign encourages the consumer to get the patch and sew it to your old clothes – any clothes, even other brands – to immediately wear a brand new item without having to create waste.
The proceeds will be donated to the Better Cotton Initiative, to invest in sustainable cotton production, while protecting the environment.
Because there is nothing more sustainable than something that doesn’t exist.

2021 | University project  

For this project, we were asked to pick a band and make a digital campaign that also addresses a social problem.

I curated the Art Direction and made the case study for our group. We applied to the 2021 ADCI awards and were shortlisted for the student category.