Oriana Su Carta

How to make a digital campaign to elevate Only Fans‘s brand positioning, attract new users on the platform and educate them about important topics?
We started from a problem people are unaware they may have: we all have sex, but we don’t know how much better it could be. Research shows that only 50% of women reaches an orgasm during vaginal sex, suggesting most people still don’t know the best way to pleasure their partner and themselves.
OnlyFans tries to address this problem by making sexy but educational videos to teach that more knowledge equals better sex.
OnlyFans top creators collaborate with the platform for the Knowledge is Pleasure initiative, making interactive sex education videos.
The target audience is lured in from the porn websites they usually browse, through clickbait banners that promise to reveal the secrets to get women.
They then land on the OnlyFans website, where each top creator will talk about a different SexEd topic, presenting them with questions to go forward.
The reward for answering all the questions correctly is getting free access to the creator’s OnlyFans content for 3 months.
The more you watch, the more erotic content you get, while your sex life improves.

2021 | University project       

For this project, we were asked to pick a band and make a digital campaign that also addresses a social problem.

I curated the Art Direction, Animation and Copywriting of the project, ideating the concept and elaborating a Case Study video to showcase it.