Oriana Su Carta


WWF Wildfires Campaign

Series of posters to promote donations to WWF. The campaign “Fai piovere verdure in Australia” (make vegetables rain on Australia) has the purpose to feed the australian animals who are starving because of the wildfires by dropping off vegetables on the areas without vegetation.

Dissolving Bottle

Dissolving Bottle is a shampoo bar shaped like a bottle. These prints advertise the product by comparing regular shampoo bottles to fruits wrapped with way too much plastic: if a product can be naturally plastic-free, Why add plastic?



Spotify Nostalgia

Series of posters to promote Spotify as if streaming music didn’t exist yet. The posters compare Spotify to analog devices, focusing of how we shared music with our loved ones in the past and how much more we can share now with Spotify.

2019-2021 | University Projects

I designed the posters and came up with the copy.

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