Oriana Su Carta


Hyper Bimbo Beats is a mobile rhythm game available on Android and iOS.

Use the power of hard hitting girlpop to crush irradiated hordes of misogynist monsters! 

In the world of Hyper bimbo beats women everywhere are threatened by hordes of irradiated men monsters.

But our protagonist finds that her femininity is way too powerful for them to handle, and she must use her hyperpop diva powers to save the world.

The game fullfills the feminine power fantasy, the feeling of wanting to be that bitch, and it does so with a protagonist who embraces hyper femme absurdity, being is in complete control of her sexuality and not caring what’s appropriate or not for feminine people.

Swiping mutants on the beat makes the player feel the full diva fantasy.

The game has a strong narrative element, which is carried by the comic panels between each level and the original songs which gives a powerful insight into the emotions of the main character.

The game has won the Indie Game Academy cohort 5 pitch night and new content for it is currently still in development.

The team!

Elena Vincenzoni | Art Direction

Enaree Kirkorian | Production and Narrative

 Nine Levitzki | Game Design

Paul Quiñones | Technical Production

Jamie Wind Whitmarsh | Original Music and Sound Design

May 2023 | Indie Game Academy

The IGA level 3 course challenges you to develop and publish a game in 3 months. I created the original concept for the story and gameplay, which was then developed upon with the help of our team’s game designer and narrative designer. I am the Art Director for the game, having complete creative control over the aesthetics of the game, and I came up with a style that could be fast to deliver, while at the same time high quality and fitting the setting of the game.

Other than making the Art and UI, I implemented a lot of the sprites and animations in Unity.