Oriana Su Carta


Hyper Bimbo Beats

Hyper Bimbo Beats is a mobile rhythm game available on Android and iOS. Use the power of hard hitting girlpop to crush irradiated hordes of misogynist monsters!  DOWNLOAD ON ANDROID DOWNLOAD ON iOS In the world of Hyper bimbo beats women everywhere are threatened by hordes of irradiated men monsters. But our protagonist finds that… Continue reading Hyper Bimbo Beats

Private Dick

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92fTf8Bus4A Private Dick, Murder aboard the Sea Queen, is a point-and-click game set on a gay cruise ship. You play as Otto, a retired police officer who only recently came out, trying to solve the mystery of the death of Ivoree Blush, influencer murdered on the ship the day before his wedding. To solve the… Continue reading Private Dick