Oriana Su Carta


Invisible by Levi's

Understanding brand values is essential to create a memorable campaign that reinforces the brand’s positioning in the market.


To make a statement about how much pollution the fashion industry causes, all of the clothes on Levi’s website become invisible for 48 hours, and the iconic Levi’s patch is replaced by the limited edition Invisible by Levi’s patch.


The brand encourages consumers to sew the patch on their old clothes, to get a brand new item without producing unnecessary waste.

HRCLS Showreel

The production department in a big advertising company can be more than a machine without creative agency.

To demonstrate this, the HRCLS showreel goes beyond the traditional showreel rules, showcasing the department’s personality and vision with  fun art direction and animation style.

Hyper Bimbo Beats

Hyper Bimbo Beats is a mobile rhytm game set in the town of DOS Angeles, where hordes of irradiated men monsters threaten women everywhere.


The protagonist finds that her femininity is way too powerful for the monsters to handle, and she must use her hyperpop diva powers to save the world.


The aesthetics of the game are inspired by cyberpunk and the “bimbotok” trend, mixing neon lights and a girly color palette and sensibility.

The art direction reinforces the main theme of reclaiming femininity with pink explosions and cute catboys.

Knowledge Is Pleasure

OnlyFans’s current brand communication tends to downplay the explicit nature of the website, they try and fail at fabricating a more “safe for advertisers” image, disenfranchising users and creators alike.


The aim of this campaign is for the brand to finally publicly embrace the Sex Positive approach, with the result of elevating Only Fans‘s brand positioning, attracting new users on the platform and educating them about important topics.


OnlyFans top creators collaborate with the platform for the Knowledge is Pleasure initiative, making videos about sex-ed and pleasure, presenting viewers with questions to move forward and get the final reward of free access to the creator’s content for 3 months.

Private Dick: Murder on the Sea Queen

Private Dick is a point-and-click murder mystery game set on a gay cruise ship which is currently being developed by Superprose Press.


The style of the game is inspired by comics, mixing the noir detective aesthetic with the kitsch of a tropical themed cruise.

One of the main design challenges is visually depicting the thought process of Otto, our protagonist and detective in charge to solve the murder of influencer Ivoree Blush. 


You advance through the mystery by placing evidence in Otto’s Idea Palace,  inspired by the classic board on which detectives pin clues and use red thread to understand their relation to the crime.

Art Direction in the Events industry

Events can be a powerful way for a brand to connect to consumers, partners and other businesses. 

Each event has to fit the brand’s image and aesthetic, while constructing a unique visual identity to differentiate the events from eachother.

Another challenge is that the visual identity of the event has to be flexible enough to fit all of the various materials produced, that can range from digital materials, like invites, web pages, videos and slides to be presented during the events, to printed assets like badges, signs, gadgets.

Palermo promotional video

How to represent the colorful and frenetic city of Palermo in just 30 seconds?

This video uses a fun and colorful illustration style to show all the contrasting elements of Palermo, highlighting them by splitting the screen in half.

Superpose Press

Superpose Press is an art collective that stands at the unlikely intersection of varying traditions: superhero comics and fashion illustration, queer pornography and religious iconography, rpg and poetry.

We believe through art we can seed visions of a healthier, post-binary world.


I am one of the founders of the collective and curated the design of our logo and website.

Currently we are focused on developing the videogame Private Dick: Murder aboard the Sea Queen.