Oriana Su Carta



My name is Elena, but I go by Oriana Nye in drag clubs and the internet 💃✨

I’m an italian visual designer and drag artist.


Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past 25 years.

March 2023 – Now | Junior Visual Designer in Venticento

Making Key Visuals for events for clients like YouTube and Google, designing digital and print assets according to the Art Direction of the event.

May 2023 | Art Director for Hyper Bimbo Beats

Ideating the concept and creative direction of the game, making sprites for the characters, backgrounds and UI in Photoshop and implementing them in Unity and GitHub, designing the logo and marketing materials.

Jan 2023 | Co-creator of Private Dick, Murder aboard the Sea Queen

Making animations and UI in Photoshop, animating and editing the promotional trailer, designing the logo and marketing materials.

Dec 2021 – Dec 2022 | Junior Motion Designer in Havas Milano

Editing and animating branded videos for social media, curating the art direction and motion design for presentation videos and case studies.

Feb-Nov 2021 | Masters Degree in Art Direction, Politecnico di Milano

Feb 2021 | Illustrator for Drag.Mi

Illustrating merch for Drag.Mi, documentary about Milan’s drag scene.

2017-2020 | Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, IED Roma

~1194 B.C.E.

Men went to WAR for me girl… wait you still reading this?

Well now that you’re here, I’m not much of a drinker and I will not be the life of the party at your mandatory company events, but I like to think after 3-4 months working with me you’ll find out I can be pretty funny.

Also yes I do drag, yes it’s pretty iconic, yes women do drag even if you’ve never heard of it, no I will not do your make up.